Case Studies


OhMD’s HIPAA secure texting app allows all types of healthcare professionals to communicate quickly and more effectively with colleagues, referring providers, and patients all from the OhMD app on iOS, Android, and Web.


  • iOS Application Design
  • Android Application Design


Designing a simple texting application for healthcare professionals and their patients

Communication in the healthcare industry is important and needs to be fast and accessible across colleagues and patients. When OhMD approached us they faced two very specific problems. One, was getting users to complete the sign up process and the other was the complicated experience of starting a new conversation with patients and colleagues.

Laying a foundation for the signup process and general flow of messaging

When we see an existing product that faces fundamental UX issues, we tend to always start in a low-fidelity wireframe process. This eliminates anyone from over thinking the finer details, colors and specific visual treatments. We can work faster this way, get more focused on the issues as well as establish a core UX that can be transferred into our high-fidelity design process.

We simplified the onboard flow by consolidating questions and removing confirmation buttons which gave the process a more simple experience that translated to an increased signup for OhMD.

We then took the core messaging layout and grouped the “Team Members” and “Patients” into a tabbed paradigm which created and incredibly easy way to sort thru messages and contacts.

Moving to hi-fi establishing colors, layout and iconography

Primary Colors
Secondary Colors

Communicating privacy, security and HIPPA compliance in our designs

Security and privacy are an important aspect to consider when providing an aesthetic for the OhMD user base. Our goal was to create illustrations, layout and a general tone that communicated a private secure messaging system that was friendly, easy-to-use and extremely secure for sharing sensitive medical information.

A beautiful design made for iOS and Android