Case Studies

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Dwelo offers smart home software at a B2B level for property managers and owners to manage mulitple units from one single application.


  • UI, UX for iOS, Android
  • Marketing Site Design
  • Development


Partnering with Dwelo

We were approached by Dwelo in the summer of 2016 with a request to take their very private beta iOS app and take it to the next level in order for it to be ready for the market. Dwelo offers a competitive advantage of bringing a smart home based application to property managers, real estate agents and multi-unit complex owners. This allows these types of users to manage multiple vacant units across their properties with the tap or swipe of a button. The project sounded challenging and fun.

Designing the phone to be a key

Our first design flow was to think of the phone as the user's key. But not just a key for one home or one user. It needed to be the ultimate dungeon master key chain easily controlled by a few taps of the interface.

Managing units and users

Keeping track of all the units and users was something Dwelo had on the radar and truly a core feature to the app's use. This is where the Dwelo team looked to us to create the flow on how this would work for the property admins. We ended up creating a seamless interface with gesture based actions for users to easily manage all of their properties.

“The output was always beautiful! We got good strategic counsel on what to do.” - Mike Rovito, CFO of Dwelo

Switching modes should be easy

When Dwelo showed us their existing app, one of many great features was an ability to switch modes from within the app and changing all the settings that were predefined by the user. However this great feature was buried and hidden from the world. We introduced a better way to quickly get to this function without having to go hunting for it.

Good for tennants too

Last steps were the icing on the cake and just redesiging the main UI flow for controlling individual units for the tennants.

Every good product needs a good website

Dwelo decided they didn’t just need a good app designed but also a good site to go with it. We agree. So, we designed and built one for them.