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  • Complete Marketing Site Redeisgn


Designing a marketing site for three different audiences

Clearbit approached us in the summer of 2016 with a need to redesign their entire marketing site. Their goal was to increase conversion rates as well as communicate to their different types of customers more accurately concerning the benefits of Clearbit.

Clearbit is an interesting and powerful product that services a wide variety of businesses. Their customer base approaches Clearbit in very different ways on how they find solutions for their business goals.

Three different type of customers come to Clearbit; Marketing, Sales and Developers. It was important that when creating this new website we needed to specifically speak to these three types of customers in a special way that corresponded the benefits to them. This was a challenge we solved by creating pages and funnels for each type of customer that would tell them a story catering to their needs.

Describing each product and giving it a personal identity

Clearbit has a host of different types of products that utilize it’s powerful APIs. Each product needed to be explained in a thorough fashion as well as own its look and feel. We took each of the products and created a unique identity making a “product suite” for Clearbit.

We made explaining code sexy

At the core of Clearbit are APIs that customers can harness powerful data from. Basically it’s code. This created a challenge because a site with code examples can be boring. We solved this by creating illustrations, telling user stories and designing layouts that would capture even the non-developer’s interest.

Launch Dev Page
API Reference

Talk about customers, Clearbit’s got them!

Clearbit has an impressive customer base to say the least. We had fun creating customer stories on how these organizations are using Clearbit and seeing tremendous success. We strived to create each story differently with it’s own unique layout.