Our Principles


We believe in a consistant behavior that contains integrity not only in our deisgn habits but also our character in how we relate to our clients, friends and each other. This principle leads right into our value of relationships.


When engaging a project we look deeper than just the work and into the people behind it. We believe people are important. It’s not something we can show on a portfolio. It’s something you experience when working with us.

Principle Designer

Eric Hoffman

This former Semi-Pro Downhill Mountain Bike Racer has been a front-runner in designing products for start-ups and big brands for 7 years. Before venturing out on his own, he lead the design efforts for the iPad and Android app for Zendesk in San Francisco, California.

Formally known as JellyJar Co


to change to a better state, form, etc.; improve by alteration, substitution, abolition, etc.


forming a whole; combined of or characteristic of a group of individuals taken together:

Lead Creative & Developer

Kimball Frank Wirig

This native Utah’n coming from a family of entrepreneurial mindsets was born to design creative digital experiences. Being raised by a father who owned his own software business, Kimball quickly adapted the skills of beautifully designing and developing digital products.

“The output was always beautiful! We got good strategic counsel on what to do.” - Mike Rovito, CFO of Dwelo